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At Hardie Orthodontics, we realize you have a choice when it comes to deciding on who your orthodontist is going to be. We hope it is readily apparent that we are committed to being the very best by truly incorporating the latest technologies with strong customer service. We can confidently assure you that we do everything we can to make sure that your expectations are exceeded and that each patient has an exceptional experience at our practice with amazing results.

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"Dr. Hardie and his staff are always so helpful, happy and fast."

Review Verified on 2/18/2013
"Everyone is very nice and gentle!"

Review Verified on 3/19/2019
"Awesome doctors and technicians!! I have a beautiful smile again"

Review Verified on 3/5/2019
"I did not hurt one but to get my braces off !! I’m so excited and happy with my new smile!!"

Review Verified on 2/22/2019
"awesome people and a great experience!"

Review Verified on 2/14/2019
"I was so excited to get my braces off and everyone that worked there was excited for me too. Everyone is so nice and even funny which made sure it wasn’t boring. Especially Robin and Dr. Hardie who were with me and removing my braces."

Review Verified on 1/8/2019
"What a great office. Love how everyone treats me so special! Would always recommend this office."

Review Verified on 12/19/2018
"They were really nice and helped with my teeth"

Review Verified on 12/11/2018
"This place gave me good braces and now my teeth are straight."

Review Verified on 11/14/2018
"Hardie Ortho are the BEST!! They really take the time for each and every patient. I truly recommend Hardie Ortho. To everyone!"

Review Verified on 11/8/2018
"Love everyone at Hardie Ramona! They always made us feel so welcome, like part of the family. We were happy to see either doctor as both are kind and even funny too! My daughter's teeth are so beautiful and we are extremely happy with the result. Would definitely recommend them for your kiddos smile :)"

Review Verified on 10/3/2018
"Dr Hardie and his staff are amazing! Everyone is super friendly and welcoming. They are always on time and super efficient. My daughter was a very difficult orthodontic case and Dr Hardie and Dr. Dan used the very latest in orthodontic treatment techniques/devices to treat her condition. She ended up needing orthognathic surgery due to a rare jaw condition and everyone was very knowledgeable on pre and post operative orthodontic care. I can't recommend Dr. Hardie and his staff enough."

Review Verified on 8/17/2018
"My visit today was great. The entire staff is very friendly and professional."

Review Verified on 8/8/2018
"They’re quick! I remember my first consultation with them and I didn’t even stay in the waiting room! Someone named Natalia was very helpful and so are the rest of the staff. I would definitely go there again :)."

Review Verified on 7/31/2018
"Dr Hardy(s) are wonderful and talented! All the staff are so pleasant, welcoming, and accomadating! My experience is great and easy!"

Review Verified on 7/17/2018
"Two kids have gone to Dr. Hardie and Dr Hardy. They all feel comfortable with the Doctor's and enjoy the atmosphere. Customer service is great and so is the communication between the staff and to the clients. I appreciate both Doctors very much, as well as the front desk and dental assistant."

Review Verified on 11/13/2017
"I had the best experience with Hardie Orthodontics. Everyone answered my questions in the kindest way."

Review Verified on 11/13/2017
"I have had the greatest experience with the people of Hardie Orthodontics. Everyone answered all my questions about my braces and were so supportive."
"Staff is really nice and friendly. So far, I’m very happy with the results that have been achieved wearing braces. I would highly recommend Hardie Orthodontist office to anyone! Thank you everyone!"

Review Verified on 10/21/2017
"So pleased with Hardie Orthodontics. Both Dr's. and staff are amazing. Having been through braces myself and when considering them for my son, whose teeth are fairly straight, it was important to emember,it's not ALL about the beautiful smile, it is also about correcting the bite so your natural teeth will last you a lifetime. I highly recommend this team."

Review Verified on 10/18/2017
"Great service, punctual, and love that text message reminders."

Review Verified on 10/9/2017
"I got my braces off today and my teeth are beautiful! I am so grateful this office was recommended to me after a failed orthodontic treatment elsewhere. I had done two years of in Invisalign, and had been in braces another two years to correct issues Invisalign caused, with no end in sight to my treatment. I switched to a Hardie orthodontics and now after five months of treatment my teeth are corrected and beautiful! The staff is efficient, gentle, and amazing! I'm so grateful this office was recommended to me, and I would recommend them to you!"

Review Verified on 10/3/2017
"Overall this was a great experience with Hardie Orthodontists. Even with little pains here and there because who can avoid that. The team always made me feel comfortable and knew exactly what they were doing."

Review Verified on 9/25/2017
"These doctors are very nice and always ask how my day is going everytime I saw them! They did an amazing job and I love my new smile !"

Review Verified on 9/22/2017
"Dr Hardie is an awesome Dr and always handles me with great care. Friendly staff and very professional. They are punctual on seeing me and always informative on my visits. I definitely recommend them if you are looking for an orthodontist"

Review Verified on 9/13/2017
"Fantastic Orthodontics office! Both Drs. Hardie & Hardy are experienced, detailed, keep you informed along the way. Awesome Staff!!! Very professional and Always makes us feel welcome! This is the THE place to go for orthodontics. I'm happy, my kids are happy. Very Highly Recommend!"

Review Verified on 8/29/2017
"Their service on my teeth was great! I always feel welcomed and comfortable during my appointments. I highly recommend coming here for anything braces related."

Review Verified on 8/28/2017
"Dr Hardie and the staff are very friendly and professional. I felt very welcomed and they listen to my concerns."

Review Verified on 8/17/2017
"Great experience with dr. Hardy and Robin"

Review Verified on 8/8/2017
"Great! Always nice and friendly."

Review Verified on 8/1/2017
"From the appointment scheduling through treatment, we experienced great customer service and great communication. The staff and the physician were helpful, friendly, and kept us informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend this office to anyone."

Review Verified on 8/1/2017
"From the appointment scheduling through treatment, we experienced great customer service, and great communication. The staff and the physician were helpful, friendly, and kept us informed every step of the way. I would highly recommend this office to anyone."

Review Verified on 8/1/2017

Review Verified on 7/28/2017
"Suzanne has been amazing during the beginning stages of my son getting braces. She went above and beyond and shows how customers should be treated!"

Review Verified on 7/27/2017
"Always professional and timely!!! The staff is personable and educated and always smiling :)"

Review Verified on 7/26/2017
"They did so well on my teeth, i love my smile."

Review Verified on 7/24/2017
"Dr. Hardie is wonderful! I had horrible jaw pain due to my bite being ctooked and he has straightened my teeth and bite! I'm not quite done yet with my braces but I am very happy with their customer service and quality of care."

Review Verified on 7/20/2017
"Dr. Hardie is the best!!! Every time I went in for my visit they greeted me with a smile which made me feel comfortable. They made each visit enjoyable. Little things are the ones that stand out and make a difference. I'll miss chatting with some of the staff. They are an awesome practice!"

Review Verified on 7/18/2017
"The staff at doctor Hardie's is great. They are professional and caring."

Review Verified on 7/17/2017
"Ladies in the office are always polite and helpful and we are always in and out . Never had any problems with office personnel or with the doctors . I listen to Hidden Valley orthodontist and then listened to Doctor Hardie and what they had planned for Carson's process for his braces and felt more comfortable with what Doctor Hardie had to say and just felt more comfortable with what you had to offer. Thanks Dan Curry"

Review Verified on 7/11/2017
"The front office staff are always gracious and efficient at Hardie Orthodontics...even after missing a previous appointment. Thanks for always greeting me with a smile."

Review Verified on 7/6/2017
"Dr. Hardie is an amazing doctor. He is so kind and great with all three of my kids. {Did I mention that Dr. Hardie was also my doctor 22 years ago} I am truly thankful for him and his staff!!"

Review Verified on 7/4/2017
Reviews 169 - 210 of 405

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